Best mattress for good sleep 2017- Airbeds and Permanent Inflatable


Can you count the times when you want to adjust the firmness of their mattress? But, you are unable to do so because of the construction of the mattress they own. This may never be a problem when you choose an air mattress as you can choose your level of support and firmness. Air mattresses usually look very similar to their innerspring counterparts. Besides, the innovation has been made over the years to improve the usability levels and comfort. You should not confuse these mattresses. As dial beds with those blow-up mattresses that are perfect for camping or short-term overnight guests, they are completely different.

The most popular brand of air mattress would be the Sleep Number bed, even though there are many other air beds to select from. As any product, this mattress has its pros and cons:

1. Pros
  • Buyers who choose to make use of an air mattress, says it provides a high level of pain relief, of importance to many. Moreover, the air mattress can last a long time and many individuals state that this to be of great importance. In this case, every individual should consider this option when selecting their new bedding.
  • Also, one of the major benefits of choosing an air mattress is couples can each adjust their side of the bed to their personal comfort level. It is ideal for those who differ greatly in terms of their comfort preference and body weight.
  • Motion absorption is also a plus point for these beds and the same is true of maneuverability.
2. Cons
  • Looking for the right level of support can be an issue, but you need to understand there will be a learning curve when you first touch to this type of bed. One reason makes some persons shy away from the mattress is the cost of ownership, especially over the long term.
  • The possibility of the bed malfunctioning or breaking down may happen because there is the risk of noise and it has the mechanical parts. Assembly is often required when this mattress is also selected.
  • On the other hand, one problem with these beds is a loss of air over time. Although the problem is not an important one, you should aware of this when choosing the products.
  • The warranty of these beds tends to less comprehensive and of shorter duration than those seen with other mattress types.
  • The final point is that the lower end models are prone to having an uneven sleeping surface.

    3. The Features

  • Most of air mattresses contain regular foam. However, there are select premium models, which make use of memory foam. Plus, buyers may wish to look into these models.
  • Beyond that, the support or base material for an air mattress is air chambers on most models and high-density regular foam in the certain versions. Although the mattresses all make use of a similar support system, you should consider other features when choosing a mattress of this type.
  • When you consider a mattress that contains memory or latex foam, you should think about paying more for these options. Furthermore, natural fibers are available for the mattress top, including wool, silk and cashmere, yet you will pay a premium for these breathable beds. As an added point, many users prefer stretch covers because they will not leave crease when breathing.
  • You should also pay attention to the method of inflation and the warranty when choosing as well.

4. The best- rated air bed mattresses brands

Nowadays, though coming across this kind of beds seems hard, there are a few brands that have been consistently good over the years. They include the likes of Comfortaire, Innomax, and Personal Comfort. All brands go for between $1600 and $2200 in various stores, with the Innomax Medallion 15-inch been the most expensive at $2150. On the other hand, most of the spinal specialists recommend Personal Comfort for people suffering from lower back pain.

Comfortaire mattress

5. The worst rated air bed brands

Even though there is not much competition in the airbed category, the Boyd Brand has been lauded for being a low-quality brand by most buyers.

Mattresses come in many shapes, styles, sizes and firmness levels. Customers often feel confused when they see the number of beds available to them. So, this takes them much time to think about selecting the best mattress suited for them. But, you will have no worry about that anymore after reading the guide.